New Customer

If you are tired of…

  • micromanaging your maid, or have no time to manage anyone
  • trying several people out only to have them be inconsistent or not trustworthy.
  • feeling uncomfortable when you need to correct your maid
  • not looking forward to trial and error/ hire and fire
  • not knowing what to expect

We are here for you, you no longer have to worry, you have us! We are the picky employer, we interview for weeks before hiring anyone, we check backgrounds, do drug tests, call previous employers and referrals, we analyze their demeanor. We also have on-going training, weekly meetings, and our positive reinforcement makes for happy and productive Cleaning Techs!


pricequotePrice Quote Info Here

First is the house cleaning quote. There is various ways to get your quote. You may either call to request a quote over the phone, request in-home pricing for on-going services (which at that point we would determine your final set price), or go to our handy online page for a free Dallas house cleaning quote. If you do it online we will certainly get back to you with a cleaning service quote asap. Please note we check online quotes during business days/hours.

in-home-estimate-dallas-cleaning-serviceIn-home Estimate

Reasons to schedule in-home estimate…

  • Would you prefer to meet us personally?
  • Thinking about on-going services?
  • Do you have any specifics about your home or your way of cleaning that is better said in person?
  • Do you prefer an exact price for your cleaning service rather than a quote (estimate)?

If you answered “YES” to any of the questions then we definitely recommend an in-homes interview.  We can almost always schedule in-home interviews as early as same-day, next-day, from 9am to 8pm. While in your home you may ask our estimator about our company, point out your pet peeves, and any other questions you may have, we like doing these “meet and greet” type visits since it also gives us a chance to go over what we do, how we do it, write down detailed instructions about your home, detailed preferences, so forth, and of course, in-home interviews are FREE.

Call us today to set up in-home estimate for your house cleaning 469-248-0134 or contact us.



No time to stick around:

Many house cleaning clients just do not have the time and want to go straight to the cleaning service, that is completely fine as well, just let us know what you would like to do. If you will not be there we will leave you our informational papers once the initial cleaning is done for you to go over at your convenience, also you may certainly leave a note if you feel we should be aware of anything (examples: certain sink not working, do not touch a certain area, etc..)

The details:

Once you have received your house cleaning quote and wish to continue. You may contact us back. At that point we will go over any details and/or special circumstances. We will also ask some questions about your home which go right into your work order to ensure the cleaning ladies are well prepared and informed. Next we will set up a mutual time to go over to your home for the first time cleaning service.

We are not particular:

You do not have to be there for the first time cleaning service or any further cleanings for that matter. If you chose NO In-Home Interview you can still be there to briefly greet for the first time cleaning, then you may either leave or stay home. We are not particular of clients wanting to be home (specially those that work from home) when we are cleaning, however, we do ask to have appropriate space in order to do our work without distractions. We can start in your room or office room if you like, in order to give you your space back as soon as possible.

me4Follow Up

We conduct follow ups for several reasons…

  • To make sure our quality is staying consistent.
  • To let you know of any notes the Cleaning Techs may have noted.
  • If you requested info about on-going service, we look into the schedule and talk about repeat maintenance cleanings.
  • To make sure you are happy!


We always welcome feedback, not just after your first cleaning.  This is possibly the best learning tool any business can have.  Please go to our feedback form here to leave your feedback.




Are you concerned of something breaking or something missing?

For our mutual peace of mind we are Fully Insured and Bonded.


Most of our Dallas house cleaning customers run hectic schedules and do not have time to call us during our open hours. To accommodate this we have developed a NEW emailing system. We now communicate by email as means of answering any of your questions, wanting a special request, last minute change and such. This helps you communicate with us on YOUR time.